If your passport is lost, it is the responsibility of the holder to inform the concerned authorities immediately. Failure to do so may result in your passport being used for illegal activities, and you may be liable for aiding and abetting an offence
Important Details

Never use a passport reported stolen or lost. You are advised to obtain a new passport immediately.

    • Passports reported stolen or lost are invalidated, and cannot be used for travel.
    • If a passport reported stolen or lost is recovered, it cannot be re-validated. It must be mailed to the Embassy at the address below. If requested, it can be returned to you after cancellation.
  • If another person’s lost Sri Lankan passport is found, please mail it through registered post to the Embassy at the address below.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

55B,Tran Phu Street,Ba Dinh District 

Ha Noi

  • Submission of forged documents (Birth Certificates, etc.) and false declarations in relation to the citizenship status is an offence. Such cases will be reported to the relevant authorities and payment will not be refunded.

Required Documents [Original+ 1 set of photocopies (excluding Forms K, D)]

  • Duly filled “form K”, “form D” (Complaint Form)  issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Sri Lanka
  • Three Passport Size Colour Photographs (3.5cm *4.5cm)
  • Sri Lankan original Birth Certificate (translated copies are not acceptable)
  • Sri Lankan Citizenship Certificate (Applicable only if you are born outside Sri Lanka)
  • Copy of stolen/lost Passport (Copies of Bio Data Page and observation page)
  • A document to prove continuation of Sri Lankan citizenship  (a valid visa, a resident card, certificate of not obtaining of citizenship, asylum/refugee rejection letter or an affidavit)
  • Police Report  obtained from relevant local Police Station (Vietnamese documents should be submitted along with an English translation)
  • National Identity Card (Only if you have obtained a new Identity Card)
  • Dual Citizenship document (submit photocopies of both sides)
  • Foreign Passport (Applicable only for dual Citizenship holders)
  • Marriage Certificate (only if you have changed your name after Marriage)
  • Documents to prove your Profession (If applicable)
    • if the profession needs high level of qualifications, examples: Doctors, Engineer, Accountant, Quantity surveyor etc… the applicant must provide educational qualification of professional membership status
    • for executive professions, a service letter should be provided
    • for unskilled jobs e.g., labour, housemaid, no document is required
    • if the Profession is already included in the previous travel document, no document is required
  • Minor applicants (below 16 years of age) must provide parent’s consent letter format 
  • Fees for Travel Documents Issuance

Last modified on 23/08/2023

Visa Notice

The Immigration and Emigration Department of Sri Lanka has shifted from its Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) visa program to the New eVisa scheme, with effect from April 17, 2024. The ETA website was disconnected on April 16, 2024.
Accordingly, all eligible nationalities planning to enter Sri Lanka via air or sea, for the purpose of tourism, business and transit, should visit the "Official Sri Lanka eVisa Website" through the weblink to apply for their online visa to Sri Lanka.
The Official Sri Lanka eVisa Website, is the only authorized website of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka from April 17,2024, 00:00 hrs.