Death Registration

Required documents

  1. Death Certificate issued by the relevant Government Authority. This document should be certified by the consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the relevant Government.
  2. Application
    1. Declaration of Death under section 30 (within three months) (Application)
    2. Declaration of Death under section 36 ( After three months) (Application )
  3. Original Birth Certificate of the deceased
  4. Original Passport with the copies of visa pages
  5. Documents to prove the relationship between the deceased and the declarant
    • Original Marriage Certificate of the declarant – (if the deceased is the spouse/child)
    • Original Birth Certificate of the declarant – (if the deceased is the parent)
    • Original Passport or ID of the declarant
  6. Letter of explanation with the reason for late registration (registration after 03 months)
  7. Relevant Fee (please go to the General Consular Fees section)


All applications submitted after 12 months will be forwarded to the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) in Colombo 10, Sri Lanka for consent /approval. In such cases, the death certificate will be issued only after approval is granted by the Registrar-General.

Last modified on 12/08/2022

Visa Notice

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Accordingly, all eligible nationalities planning to enter Sri Lanka via air or sea, for the purpose of tourism, business and transit, should visit the "Official Sri Lanka eVisa Website" through the weblink to apply for their online visa to Sri Lanka.
The Official Sri Lanka eVisa Website, is the only authorized website of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka from April 17,2024, 00:00 hrs.