Birth and Citizenship Registration

Eligibility – Children, born outside Sri Lanka of Sri Lankan parent/parents.

Required Documents

  1. Application for Birth Registration:

Within 03 months   – Registration B/4 (Declaration of Birth under section 16) (Download) – Two forms

After 03 months     – Registration B/6 (Declaration of Birth under section 24) (Download) – Two forms

* When applying after 03 months a letter should be submitted explaining reasons for delay.

2. Application for citizenship Registration:   Citizenship 1 (Download)

3. Originals of  Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificate of Parents certified by the Consular Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka with 02 copies each

4. Original Local Birth Certificate of the child with English translation certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam with 02 copies

5. Travel Documents (Passports) and Visas held by parents to prove residence abroad at the time of child’s birth with 02 copies each

6. Declaration of applicant’s (mother/father) citizenship with 02 copies  (Download)

* Declaration that the applicant (father/mother) has not acquired citizenship of a country other than Sri Lanka at the time of child’s birth

  1. If the applicant is a Sri Lankan citizen by registration, the relevant certificate with 02 copies
  2.  Relevant Fee (please visit the General Consular Fees section)

Last modified on 19/02/2024