Renewal of Passport

Sri Lankan passports can not be extended beyond 10 years from the date of issue of the passport. ‘M’ series and ‘N’ series passports issued before the year 2004 are valid for 5 years and can be extended by the Department of Immigration and Emigration (competent authority in Colombo) or Sri Lankan Embassy for another 5 years not exceeding 10 years totally.

List of Required Documents for Passport Renewal

  1. Letter of request (Word) (Download)
  2. Passport with copies of visa proof
  3. Form ‘K1-35’ (PDF) (Download)
  4. Relevant fee

Fee for Passports

 01. Issuance of New Passport (when the pages have run out or validity is expired)    150  USD
 02. Replacement of lost passport if applicant produce M/N Series passport (Additional levy included)    350  USD
 03. Replacement of lost passport if applicant is unable to produce the copy of passport or the passport number (Additional levy included)    450  USD
04. Issuance of New Passport in lieu of an expired passport along with the old passport  (J,K,L Series)  (Additional levy included)­­  350 USD
05. Issuance of NMR Passport (when the pages have run out of validity is expired) 50 USD
06. Issuance of NMR Passport (For lost passport) 50 USD
07. Extension of validity of passport – per year 6 USD
08. Any amendment or alteration 10 USD

Last modified on 02/03/2020